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Connect and engage across your hotel

Improve Customer Service Scores and Enhance Collaboration Across all Departments in Your Hotel and Managment Company.

Personalize the Guest Experience

Increase guest touchpoints and build better connections by communicating directly with guests, leading to exceptional experiences and more positive reviews.

Move from Paper to Digital Operations

Create a more efficient workflow by eliminating traditional paper processes, such as guest service requests, maintenance work orders and staff schedules.

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GuestEQ Social Network

Connect with fellow hoteliers from your management company or hotel brand. Never spend another minute on hold with a help line. Just reach out to our community to get your question answered.

What does GuestEQ do?

GuestEQ connects guest and staff communication. Hotels and guests communicate via SMS text message; hotel staff chats internally, creates work orders and sets schedules within a social media-style dashboard. The paperless, contactless, guest-and-staff messaging flow ensures a direct path from guest request to fulfillment. Additionally, operators gain better KPIs to compare operations across portfolios.

Communicate with other Hotels within your Managment Company and Brand

Create a More Efficient Digital Workflow

The Hotel Feed

Every staff member gets a personalized feed with their Daily tasks, to-do lists, guest messages are all funneled into one place, the Hotel Feed.

Hotel Chat Board

Your staff can chat with all other hotels in your management group and brand. Users can "like," comment, @, or attach photos on any message just like a social media post.

Employee Scheduling

No more paper schedules in the back office. With drag and drop scheduling, you can drop-in generic shift blocks on each day for each employee or create and save customizable weekly blocks.


Maintenance workorders can be created by your staff or directly from a guest text. A notification will be sent to your staff via their personal device


Housekeeping Items include Guest Service requests, early check-ins, and late checkouts. All of these items can be created directly from guest texts

Guest Text Messaging

Connect with your guests through contactless text messaging. We send automated Welcome and Post Stay texts increasing guest touchpoints by up to 50%. This leads to more direct communication, better experiences, fewer comps, and more positive reviews.

What clients are saying

“Implementing the GuestEQ system had an immediate impact on guest satisfaction scores and increased communication between staff members. The team at GuestEQ handled all of our staff training and we were up an running within a week. At check-out, guests can’t wait to tell us how much we’ve exceeded their expectations.”

Thalia Manzo
General Manager - Hampton Inn by Hitlon
"Whether we are communicating internally with team members or texting with our guests to ensure they have everything they need, GuestEQ keeps us organized and on track with checklists, action items, work orders, etc. Thanks GuestEQ for helping us work more efficiently in providing our guests an exceptional experience at our hotel!"

Charee Dion
Director of Sales - Hilton Garden Inn Napa

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