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GuestEQ launched in 2019 and has been deployed at Reneson properties for more than a year, driving significant improvements in both guest and staff communication. In 2020, after fully realizing the positive impact GuestEQ has on both guest experience and workflow efficiency, the team decided to share the product with a wider market.

Our Team

Scott Curran

Founder and President
Scott Curran served as a General Manager at several hotels over the course of 14 years before being promoted to Chief Operating Officer at Reneson, an owner-operator of 8 hotels in Northern California. Understanding today’s need to better connect with each guest and provide a personalized experience, Scott went searching for a safe but simple guest messaging tool. Unable to find an application that allowed a direct connection with the guest as well as the ability to move the operational workflow online, Scott partnered with a software developer to build the tool himself.

Ryan Mindigo

Software Consultant
Ryan is a veteran of several start-ups and most recently employee #23 at Yammer. As Director of Global Sales, Ryan learned all about the importance of building an engineering culture, cultivating simplicity and beauty in a product, and telling the story of that product in a compelling way. He is an entrepreneur to the core, a father of two, and currently working on his Rory McIlroy-like mid-iron fade. One day, he wants to be a hacker, so he went out and completed a three-month Rails course at

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