6 Secrets to Running Award-Winning Hotels from Scott Curran, COO of Reneson Hotels

In the competitive world of hospitality, running an award-winning hotel demands more than just exceptional service and luxurious amenities. It requires a strategic approach that encompasses everything from hiring the right people to investing in the property’s infrastructure. Here are six essential components to consider when aiming for excellence in hotel management:

  1. Hire the Right People: Your staff is the backbone of your hotel. By prioritizing the recruitment of talented individuals who align with your values and vision, you create a solid foundation for success. Moreover, nurturing and developing your existing talent pool not only fosters loyalty but also ensures a bench of skilled professionals ready for promotion when opportunities arise.
  2. Proper Incentives: Motivated employees are more likely to deliver exceptional service consistently. Implementing comprehensive incentive programs, with a focus on Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSS), encourages staff to go above and beyond in exceeding guest expectations. Recognizing and rewarding exceptional performance reinforces a culture of excellence throughout the organization.
  3. Good Systems in Place: Efficient systems and processes are essential for smooth operations. Implementing robust management systems not only streamlines day-to-day tasks but also facilitates seamless communication and collaboration across departments. Furthermore, having standardized procedures makes it easier for staff to transition/promote staff between properties and promotes a consistent guest experience.
  4. Clear Goals: Setting clear and achievable goals, especially regarding customer service, provides a roadmap for success. Whether it’s improving guest satisfaction ratings or increasing repeat bookings, aligning the entire team with specific objectives fosters a shared sense of purpose and accountability.
  5. Rewarding Achievements: Recognizing and celebrating individual and team achievements is vital for morale and motivation. Offering bonuses or other incentives for exceptional performance reinforces positive behaviors and encourages staff to consistently deliver outstanding service.
  6. Invest in the Property: A well-maintained and modern property is essential for attracting and retaining guests. Regularly investing in renovations, upgrades, and maintenance ensures that your hotel remains competitive and appealing to discerning travelers. Following a consistent capital expenditure cycle, typically spanning seven years, helps prevent the property from falling behind in terms of amenities and infrastructure.

In conclusion, running an award-winning hotel requires a multifaceted approach that addresses various aspects of operations, from staffing and incentives to systems and property investment. By prioritizing these key components, hoteliers can create an environment where excellence thrives, leading to unparalleled guest satisfaction and industry recognition.

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