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Boosting Customer Service Scores: A Guide for Hotel Operators

Improving customer service scores is critical for any hotel aiming to enhance guest satisfaction and maintain a competitive edge. Hotel operators can achieve this by focusing on three key areas: implementing staff collaboration software, recognizing staff for ideal behavior, and … Read More

6 Secrets to Running Award-Winning Hotels from Scott Curran, COO of Reneson Hotels

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Uniting Hotel Teams: How Collaboration Software Empowers Operational Leaders to Drive Key Initiatives

In the dynamic world of hospitality, hotel general operators play a pivotal role in steering their teams towards success. From increasing customer enrollments in loyalty programs to managing inbound sales opportunities and ensuring staff receive positive mentions in guest reviews, … Read More

8 Ways to Address Software Fragmentation at Hotels.

Due to the common separation of Franchise, Owners, and Operators most hotel portfolios have a very mixed bag of systems with which to function. Lots of hotels have inherited legacy tools which are many years outdated, or niche specialty tools … Read More

5 Benefits of All-in-One Hotel Operations Software

When selecting software to run your hotel, there is a critical chose to make between on solution which can do many things versus many solutions that do one thing. Benefits of Best-of-Breed Solutions: In conclusion, the choice between an all-in-one … Read More